• Community Events

    Last Sons: A Deadlands: Reloaded Campaign (R2)

    Legendary Realms Game Store Meetup

    This game has an 18+ year old limit on attendees because of dark themes and because the GM is a miserable git who is just down on young people and like that. ========================================= Set after the events detailed in The Flood,...

    Introduction to Tai Chi, Qigong and Taoist Meditation

    Huntington Tai Chi Meetup Group

    Perfect for Beginners and experienced practitioners alike, this 2-hour session will introduce the internal practices of Tai Chi, QiGong and Taoist Meditation.  We will apply the basic principles that tie these practices together by developing...

    Island of Poca Costa DnD 5.0 Custom Campaign

    Game Master Games Meetup Group

    Following a lead, the party last discovered the location of the merfolk princess Gabrellene: she's being held captive in the city of Arigus by "Pasty" Patsy! Will the adventurers be able to rescue her? Will they venture even deeper into the...

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