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  • Community Events

    AD&D: Queen of the Spiders (R1)
    5-25-17 7:30 pm - Lisa Sparkles Dance Studio
    Legendary Realms Game Store Meetup

    A silent shadow has fallen over the heart of the Flanaess. The great battle fought on the edge of the lost city has brought about the downfall of the ruthless Slave Lords and the destruction of their dark artifact. The coming of the next...

    Imagine yourself in the home of your dreams! FREE & VERY FUN Homebuyer Seminar!
    5-25-17 7:30 pm - Lisa Sparkles Dance Studio
    Long Island Real Estate Professionals

    Have you purchased a home in the past 5 or 10+ years?  Are you a first time homebuyer?   Has your family outgrown your current home and you need to upgrade to a bigger home?  Has your family grown up and now you need to downsize?  Join us...

    Open Practice with LISS!
    5-25-17 7:30 pm - Lisa Sparkles Dance Studio
    Long Island Swing Syndicate

    Join us for our monthly social, where you can dance, ask questions, and practice everything you've learned this month!  $10 cash at the door Free for anyone who took a class or mini-workshop during May Free for anyone with a birthday in May!...

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    Please have a look around, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if I can be of assistance.

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